Friday, November 2, 2012

Dress 2013 trends

The collection is always a breath of fresh air and brings, season after season, a cool approach to chic day dressing. Using her love of culture, music, art and vintage fashion, they creates some really incredible and unique goodies. The designer admits she is inspired by all the women around her, from her mother to her daughter to her friends.

 Regardless the time of the day, whether she wants to look sexy or sweet, going to the office or dressing for an evening out, Bendet knows what the collecyion girl wants. "As a designer today, part of my job is to pick a trend and to design the clothes," she said. "But I also need to create a way for my customers to be individuals." The collection, oozing a special '50s-inspired flare, features an array of flirty pieces, ladylike silhouettes and a beautiful parade of vibrant colors.

Bags 2013 Trends

In the handbag department, the label encourages leaning towards fabulous tones and daring patterns in order to stand out. Though the handbags are by no means eccentric, they will never fail to give you the fun touch you're craving.

 Combining classiness with daring touches is one of the best ways to stand out and the principle is beautifully put to work in the new 2013 collection. Just because you cover up more, it does't mean that opting for rich, vibrant tones is suddenly off limits.

Aside from bold tones and wild style influences it also pays noticing that metallic details are slowly getting back into the spotlight. If you prefer textural details to prints, you'll definitely love the new tendency. Along with studs and screw-like motifs, this style element can be a great way to make a subtle yet powerful statement.

Dare to take things to the next level with a fun statement bag that will show off your personality and help you stand out every single time. On the contrary, an easy update like this one can definitely put a whole new spin on things. From large totes to discreet yet fabulous clutches, the alternatives are inevitably eye-catching and definite game changers for a variety of simple, versatile, otherwise toned down looks.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Guess Bags 2013

A quick glimpse at Guess  lookbook is all it takes to rediscover the fun-vibe brought by denim garments. The designs vary in style and they place the accent on casual chicness without looking flashy or too eccentric, so they are a perfect match to consider when upgrading your fall/winter 2013 wardrobe. The new designs are perfect to dress-up or dress-down, depending on the look you're aiming for, so mix and match the jeans styles with trendy graphic print blouses, fur vests or coats, casual blouses, sexy and business-chic shirts as well as stylish blazers as these items are also super popular this upcoming season.

Apparently, skinny fit and carrot style jeans are the most popular pants styles to turn towards this fall/winter 2013 season, and the best thing about these styles is that they are easy to match with items of different styles. Both monochrome and printed denim styles are super popular, so try to widen your comfort-zone and give animal prints, bright colors and graphic prints a try. Autumnal hues such as 'dirt brown', gray, navy, dark green and black dominate the collection, but brighter hues have also been introduced to give a more youthful, fresh-vibe to the collection.

Pair your fav Guess Denim styles with classic pumps, ankle booties, strappy sandals or knee high boots as either way you'll look super stylish. Dare to explore the wonderful world of denim at Guess and you'll surely find a new style to play with!

Guess Jeans 2013

The new season brings an array of fab fashion items that follow different influences to allow people to find the style that matches their personality best. One of the fabrics that has managed to conquer an entire world through its comfort, durability and style is denim, so no wonder that this unisex favorite fabric is not to miss from your wardrobe essentials.

Demonstrating the 'chameleonic' style of this particular fabric, Guess Denim fall/winter 2013 lookbook brings to the fashion scene some of the trendiest new season denim styles, so browse through the collection and pick the styles that suit your needs best. Variety is a definite must when it comes to any season as this is the only way one can achieve a perfectly balanced look, one that is trendy as well as fresh every time. Mixing and matching various fashion items will keep the attention focused on your style, so if you're looking to maintain your fashionista status, make sure you play around with different on-trend styles.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Maxi Dresses 2013

One of the most comfortable and hottest trends for summer 2013 is the maxi dress. It is one of those trends that flatter everyone, for any occasion, and can be found in every store in so many shapes. Maxi dresses are the perfect choice for a bohemian, versatile and elegant look. You can wear the maxi dress everywhere, in the park, at the beach, to a cocktail party, or to a concert. You can team this fabulous dress with chunky accessories, gladiator sandals, a belt, and even with a leather or denim jacket.

Dresses that ends just above the ankle flatter you the most, and you can wear them with flats and high heels. Moreover, as they are more close to the body, they create the illusion of lengthening. Too large dresses would only make you look shorter. Avoid horizontal stripes and large patterns. A V-neck dress elongates your silhouette, and solid colors flatter you the most.

Greek style maxi dresses are not just for special occasions. For an everyday look, think of matching a maxi white dress, Greek cut, and a pair of golden gladiators.

White maxi dresses are perfect for a casual, everyday look offering protection against from summer heat. For an evening look, choose a maxi nude dress.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Guess Dresses 2013

Guess Dresses 2013

 Animal print and faux fur is everywhere. From the runway to the red carpet we have the opportunity to spot the A-list ensembles that popularize these up-and-coming style waves. If you're not afraid to flash your creativity, build up versatile and too-hot-to-handle outfits using the sight-popping prints and this high class material. Invest in your wardrobe and pile up some of the must have accessories offered by Guess for the rainy season. Adopt a body-conscious style attitude and show off your curves with feminine and sensual looks. Finish up your makeover by complementing your attire with lovely jewelry designs and other too-cool-to-miss details.

Guess Collection Fall Winter 2012 2013

Guess Collection Fall Winter 2012 2013

This uber-popular fashion brand holds the key to the heart of every fashionista. The utterly flirty and sensual ensembles are topped with unique handbag and footwear designs along with fabulous jewelries and sunglasses.

Embrace a modern take on high street chic with these exotic and suit-all wardrobe staples.

For an extra style hint we have a brief presentation offered by Paul Marciano who claims that, “Everyone has their own idea of who the GUESS girl is, but this campaign allows us to give an identity to the GUESS accessories customer. She is daring, independent and not afraid to make a little noise.”

To find an outfit worthy of your trailblazer reputation, it is essential to raid the stores for voguish outfit elements. Accessories play an important role in the overall impression you wish to create. Make a statement with bags decorated with animal prints, glittery glam necklaces and oversized sunglasses. Guess grants you with the privilege of choosing from an infinite array of bags, shoes and jewelry. Escape the strain of monotony by adding a splash of color and refinement to your outfits. Draw some inspiration from these alluring and exotic looks.